Adrien Carretero awarded with the ERC starting grant!!

Adrien Carretero-Genevrier, 2018 winner of a Starting Grant
from the European Research Council (ERC)

Conceived for young researchers wishing to develop their own theme independently, and to create their own research team, the Starting Grants scholarships provide the winners with funding up to € 1.5 million over five years. With this grant, Adrien Carretero-Genevrier, CNRS Research Officer at the IES, will be able to intensify his research on the synthesis and integration of nanomaterials based on functional oxides by chemical means for the design of new innovative sensors.

The research challenge pursued by Adrien Carretero-Genevrier is to find new methods for the fabrication and integration of functional oxide nanostructures based on silicon and other technological substrates from a low cost bottom-up chemical approach and on a large scale compatible with traditional electronic component manufacturing technology. These fabrication methods will, for example, provide the ideal piezoelectric thin film, a challenge that requires unifying soft chemistry and microfabrication techniques to produce new, high performance nanoscale piezoelectric devices.

The research project

SENSiSOFT is the research project supported by the stock market. It aims to develop high performance micro and nano sensors for the measurement of mechanical parameters (mass, forces, pressure, etc.) from the use of soft chemistry methods such as sol-gel. The main advantage of this approach is to use thin layers based on epitaxial oxides on silicon instead of thinned and polished crystals used in current resonators.

About the Starting Grants of the European Research Council

Starting Grants are intended to support talented, up-to-date and aspiring researchers wishing to form their own research team. This grant targets promising researchers, who have demonstrated their potential to become leaders in research. They support the creation of new research teams of excellence.

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